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The Perfect Entrance to your Wedding Ceremony

Here are some pointers to help you plan your Entrance

It’s the moment and the day you’ve always dreamed of. So planning the entrance to your wedding ceremony should be high up on your list of priorities for your wedding day. The information below is purely taken from my own experience of performing at wedding ceremonies (Church / Humanist / Spiritual etc.)


Most people have an idea of what song they want to walk up the aisle to but if you need help just ask your wedding singer(s) / musician and they will be happy to help. Most professional wedding singers will have a list of suggestions they can send you. Ask them for a PDF/Word document that you can download to your device or print off. If it is a Civil, Humanist, Spiritual Ceremony the option are endless and you can certainly personalise this entire ceremony to the max. The Church on the other hand will ask you for something more ‘suitable’ but in my opinion a secular (non-religious) song is acceptable for entrance. Some priests will (and have) disagreed so it really depends on your priest. I definitely advise each couple having a Church Wedding to discuss the music choices with their priest in advance. This will help avoid any hiccups on the day.

Wedding Ceremony Entrance
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I’m often asked by my couples when discussing music options; “What’s popular at the minute..” Now, there are certain trends from time to time but ultimately I like to leave the choosing of the song to the couple as it will mean more to them. But I do have so many of my own favourites up my sleeve just in case. Check out the Spotify playlist below for my list of favourites.

Some Brides/Grooms like to choose one song for their bridal party and a separate one for themselves. This is a nice idea, especially if it is a long aisle. The contrast in music will add to the drama of the moment. You could consider an instrumental piece of music for the Bridal Party and then one of your favourite songs being sung for you walking up the aisle.

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Be sure to tell your bridal party to take their time walking up the aisle. Let your wedding singer/musician start the song and a few seconds into it the first member of the bridal party (flower girl, page boy, bridesmaid) can start walking at a slow steady pace. I’ve seen so many bridal parties rushing up the aisle together like sheep (sorry but it’s true) and I’m still on the first verse of the song when the Bride/Groom has reached the top of the aisle.

Bare in mind your photographer/videographer will most likely be at the top of the aisle and will want to get a clear shot of each member of the bridal party walking up the aisle, so tell them to take their time and leave ample time between walking up the aisle.

There is no rush, the priest/celebrant will wait, the musician won’t run out of music and this is the moment you’ve dreamt of so make it count. And maybe it’s no harm to let your fiancee wait just another minute or two (just don’t tell them it was my idea).


There’s a growing trend in having a ‘Man of Honour’ or a ‘Groomslady’ and I’ve seen it at some weddings I sang at in 2017/2018.

You’re basically asking your best and closest friends to be there for you and be your attendants on the day so why not include them. Let your photographer know in advance so he/she can plan the group photos etc.


Some couples prefer that their guests refrain from taking photos during the ceremony. This can be organised easily. Just ask your celebrant, priest or even the Best Man to announce before the ceremony that “the couple have asked that no photographs be taken during the ceremony….” or something to that effect.

Or you can really spell it out for them with a bespoke sign on the day. I love this one from The Wedding Scribblers

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