Sure it’s a Two Day thing nowadays!

Music for your Day 2 Wedding Celebrations!!

Barry Jay Hughes - Live Singer & Musician - Set-up at Balyna House - Moyvalley Hotel, Enfield, Co. Kildare
Barry Jay Hughes – Live Singer & Musician – Set-up at Balyna House – Moyvalley Hotel, Enfield, Co. Kildare

Are you booking your wedding venue for an extra day to continue the celebrations? Perhaps you are moving to a new venue for a private shindig! Either way, allow me to entertain your guests on day two of your wedding bash.
Trust me – booking Music for your Day 2 Wedding Celebrations will be the best decision you make.

Whether it’s a summer garden party, a BBQ, a buffet at your venue or canapé’s and drinks back at yours, your guests will certainly thank you for putting on some live entertainment in the mix to get the party going again.

From experience, I have always found that late afternoon, early evening works best for having some live music at a wedding after party. It’s at that critical part of the day when your guests may be fading just a little after all the partying the night before. Music can fix that. Guests are always up for more when a few toe-tapping tunes are played and a sing-song is encouraged.

So what type of show will I put on for you I hear you ask?

Here’s a setlist from a gig I played in Balyna House at Moyvalley Hotel. Roughly 60 to 70 guests were in attendance for the second day of the wedding celebrations. I could tell on arrival to the manor house that this gang were going to be up for dancing and singing. And how right I was! I included music to suit the vibe whilst taking a breather during slower numbers like The Voyage (the Bridal Entrance song from the day before).

‘Ride On’ is one of my favourites and almost a showcase song I love to include in my sets. The inclusion of Low Whistle and harmonies all recorded live on loop pedal give that wow affect and turns a few heads.

Let’s see the Setlist

Have a look at the setlist and see what you think. I took requests throughout the night as I usually do and some real gems were suggested as you can see.
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Barry Jay Hughes Sample Setlist
Barry Jay Hughes Sample Setlist – Feb 2023


Barry Jay Hughes Sample Setlist - Feb 2023
Barry Jay Hughes Sample Setlist – Feb 2023


Music for your Day 2 Wedding Celebrations
Barry Jay Hughes – Side Stage view

The options are endless

I need to tell you that my setlist can go in so many different directions depending on the crowd. If there are more rockers in the room then I can go down the road of Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, GNR, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones and so much more. Don’t panic, I’ve plenty more American Country classics up my sleeves including the controversial “love him / hate him” Garth Brooks…

And for the folk who love folk – don’t worry I won’t run out of ballads!

I’m always open to taking requests for some songs in advance to give me some ideas too.

By it’s very nature, your day 2 wedding event is probably one of the last things you will organise. Bear in mind that many musicians are booked up for gigs well in advance so don’t forget to check availability. Get in there early and check availability with your music act once you have decided to have a second day of partying.


Watch a Gig Showreel here

Top Tip

Book and secure your day 2 music and discuss times and venue closer to the date. Then get back to planning the big day safe in the knowledge that you have your day 2 wedding entertainment sorted.